August 19, 2019

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About Us, part of the And Justice For All international law firm publishing network, is a consumer resource of law firms and legal articles. The purpose of this website is to benefit individuals and businesses in Pittsburgh, and all of Pennsylvania, seeking information about the law or the help of an attorney, by publishing informative articles by Pittsburgh attorneys and connecting them with excellent Pittsburgh law firms.

We limit the number of Pittsburgh law firms we will list on this website. There will be no more than five firms per practice area. Each of the Pittsburgh law firms featured on the website is encouraged to post a profile highlighting its background, experience, and areas of practice, so that potential clients of the firm can learn more.

And Justice For All was founded with the intention of establishing the preeminent network of legal websites with the goal of giving back. In keeping with that mission, we donate 10% of our profits are to charitable causes supporting people in need, animals, and the environment.